Augmented Reality

Performing a touchscreen gesture after listening to a soundWearable technologies that augment human senses have the potential to increase the accessibility of interactions in the physical world. Our work explores the use of augmented reality to support people with visual or cognitive impairments, and the deaf and hard of hearing. One major focus is the HandSight project, which investigates how wearable micro-cameras can be used to augment a blind or visually impaired user’s sense of touch with computer vision. The goal is to support an array of activities of daily living by sensing and feeding back non-tactile information (e.g., color, printed text, patterns) about an object as it is touched. We have also studied language and sound support on head-mounted displays, as well as social acceptability issues with such devices.


The HandSight research is funded by the Department of Defense (2014-2017). A Google Faculty Research Award (2014-2015) has supported some of the head-mounted display accessibility work.

Related Publications

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